Content as a Service

We Do CaaS ( Content as a Service):

What is CaaS?

You need to be an agile marketer to succeed in today’s fast paced digital world. Really agile. Content as a Service is the solution for todays content hungry digital marketing campaigns. It is the only way to get things done.


Fast. Quality. Engaging. Content.


How can CaaS help me?

Each time that you need a piece of content, you probably find yourself gearing up for yet another full blown project. Even if you know what you want and what you need, you are still faced with the arduous tasks of:

- Defining the project and budget

- Putting out a call for proposals and inviting vendors for interviews

- Review portfolios and proposals of tens of candidates

- Negotiate fees contracts

- Brief the chosen vendor

- Manage the vendor

If you are still working like this, you are falling behind. Way behind.

You are wasting time, money and most of all, you are not getting things done fast enough.

It gets even more complicated when you need more than one vendor on a project. For the video, you need a script writer and a producer. Wait, you wanted to use some animation in the video as well, so start calling the animators . . . And on and on.

You don’t have time, energy or budget to work this way. And if you keep working this way, quality will decrease, expenses will increase and output will not grow at the rate you need it to.